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Serving Tradition Since 1981

Our Roots

Paolo Siciliano was born in Reggio de Calabria, Italy in 1944 and was introduced to traditional southern Italian cuisine by his mother Maria. When he was 13, Paolo and his family moved to Detroit, Michigan. Growing up with a mother who not only had a gift for cooking but a passion for sharing it, Paolo learned from an early age the value of family, good friends, and great food. This is the foundation on which Siciliano’s A Taste of Italy was born.

Paolo moved to Texas to pursue his dream and in 1981 opened his first restaurant. After 21 years in their original location Paolo and his wife Fran decided it was time to create a restaurant that matches their passion for great food. They wanted to make Siciliano’s not just a place to eat great Italian food, but a destination which brings a touch of Italy to everyone who visits.

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Our Famous Garlic Rolls and Traditional Soups

Traditionally, bread is given out first in many Italian restaurants. At Siciliano’s A Taste of Italy, we are no exception. What makes out bread so delicious? It is in the dough! Soft and pliable bread make up the Garlic Rolls as well as our pizzas, stromboli, and calzones. We take this tantalizing bread dough and slice it into smaller sections. Then, we twist them together before baking them in our pizza ovens. Once finished, we top them with garlic, spices, virgin olive oil, and heavenly Romano Cheese. Finally, our friendly staff takes them out to your table.

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Our Classic Lasagna

First, juicy ground beef, seasoning,  creamy ricotta cheese, tempting pasta layered by hand on top of each other. Next, it is topped with our traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese before baked until golden brown. As a result, we have our Grandmother’s lasagna. Furthermore, for those that are hungry, our lasagna is served hot and fresh at Siciliano’s, A Taste of Italy, the premier Southern Italian Cuisine in Garland, Texas.

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